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9/23 Guys! I've started a k12 group radio! feel free to log on and listin. if you guys have requests ask me: Andrew Willis here on the site or call me at 678-648-1395. I have to be at the computer to receive your call so if you call and i don't answer call again later. Here's the link: http://DJhickstreet.listen2myradio.com/

5/04 Guys! I've just added a new song on the music page. The top song. i think its pretty much the best song ever lol. Download it and then post in the forms if you like it or not. 

2/18 Blog is up! I've just set up the blog so you can start bloging away. 

2/17 We're mobile! I've been working and now this site should be able to be view in mobile format on Iphone and Android.

2/16 The site is up!


For k12group radio go to www.k12group.listen2myradio.com and if you have requests tell Andrew. 


it may not always be on but it will auto-play if you join and it's on. if you don't like it pause or mute it


 Note: if the player isn't working then either go to this link: www.DJhickstreet.Listen2myradio.com and hit the play button on the grey player, or I'm not streaming the radio.



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No one allowed in chat room unless k12 student or parent (be prepared to state your name and homeroom teacher upon entering for the first time) 

No offensive language

No taunting

 Rules for moderators and admins:

No penalizing for no reason

No playfully penalizing

No threatening to ban someone without cause

No abusing admin/mod powers

Any breaking these rules will result in being banned or demoted 






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